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Armored Kidde Key Box (KKS-HDR-Kiddee) (#20802)

  • $ 45900

 The Armored Kidde Key Boxes are pry resistant. They cannot be forced open with a crowbar or a screw driver. Nor can they be smashed open with a sledgehammer. The armored key keepers are made with thick slabs of steel. They easily withstand physical damage and extreme weather conditions.

The Armored Kidde Key Keeper features a combination pad with 10 pushbuttons and thousands of possible combinations. This key keeper comes in a recessed style. The Kidde lockbox's recessed door, which plays an integral role in the key keeper's security, is the reason why it's incorporated in the key keeper's design.

  • Combination pad with 10 pushbuttons

  • Thousands of possible combinations

  • Recessed door opens outward

  • Comes in granite finish 


(contact us for other styles as we can customize it however you want)

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