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Norton ADAEZ Pro 5800 Series Door Closer Alum (#20230)

  • $ 4,87900

The Norton 5800 Series ADAEZ PRO is a compact electromechanical door operator. This heavy-duty, low energy operator is intended for high traffic manual opening applications that occasionally require automatic operation like retail outlets, banks, schools or universities.

Norton’s ADAEZ Series is certified by GreenCircle to reduce energy consumption by as much as 100 percent versus other comparable operators. Available in wireless and plug-in versions and able to fit in the tightest of spaces.

Automatic Door Opener

  • Provide low energy automatic door operator complying with requirements of ANSI A156.19.
  • Provide an operator with adjustable opening and closing forces that meet the provisions of ANSI 117.1 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Provide an operator with a regenerative drive system which charges the on-board battery pack when unit is operated manually and which requires no external electrical power.
  • Provide an operator that can connect to ANY 24VDC power supply to keep an on-board battery pack fully charged eliminating the need for manual traffic charging. When used with 24VDC inoput the operator shall supply up to 2000 automatic operations upon loss of building power.


  • Regenerative power system – no electrical power required
  • Non-handed
  • 95 degree opening
  • Push or pull side mounting
  • RF Radio Frequency stainless steel push buttons
  • Integral RF receiver
  • Dynamic braking module
  • Electronic backcheck brake
  • Shock absorbing arm
  • Black cover (standard); aluminum cover (optional)
  • Brushless DC motor/gearbox – 10 million activation cycle life
  • 24 VDC input port
  • Auxiliary activation input port
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Integral ON / OFF selector switch
  • Maximum door width – 48″
  • Maximum door weight – 250 lbs

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